Better Details for the Perfect Fun Ideas Now

When organizing a children’s party, be it a birthday or another gathering, pay attention to children who may be intolerant and allergic to nuts. The original product line does not contain peanuts or nuts and is made in our completely nut-free factory.We also have gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free ice cream for people with food intolerances.Here are some ideas for a fun party that will start your party planning.

The Favorites of Children

Say aloud “Who wants ice cream? And children (as well as adults) will come running. In the 40 years we’ve made Canada’s most-sold ice cream, we’ve learned a little bit about what kids love. Let us look at the Fun Ideas & Tips for the same now.

At your next party, try these classic products that kids prefer:

  • The Children Line
  • Biscuits and cream
  • Rainbow sorbet
  • Super Lolly Rocket
  • Neapolitan Sandwich
  • Or just any other things with chocolate.

Make It a Fun Event

What about frozen cuts that can be made by yourself? Kids love to create and they love ice cream. Simply present different ice cream flavors as well as exciting fillings such as mini marshmallows, pearls, pieces of biscuits and fresh fruit, and kids will prepare their own masterpieces.

Add to the party by modifying a classic relay race. Give each runner a cone and have them jog to the finish line by balancing colored golf balls in the cone.

Try something new: the “Guess the Flavor” contest at Super Lolly Stealth Rockets. These treats, no mess, are manufactured without dye. It is therefore perfectly appropriate to play the game of riddles.For more ideas, check out our dessert recipes.

Tips on How to Combat Heat

A fantastic way to keep ice cream in good shape for the party is to make balls of ice cream flavors in advance that you want to use and put in the freezer. Using disposable containers with lids or large Mason jars, make ice cream or frozen yogurt balls and have them frozen in advance. Moms will save time and there will be no mess.

You can also serve our Lolls. These natural flavored treats are made with water. They lend themselves so well when it’s hot and you want to hydrate more.

A Glossy Cream without Gases?

Yes. Keep the place clean. Give all the kids colorful aprons and set the table for an easy-to-clean the tablecloth while this ice cream craze is in full swing.The Parents will appreciate their own children after the party.You can also serve Super Lolly Stealth Rockets. These colorless lilies are offered in three natural succulent flavors. So when the inevitable drops occur, the clothes and carpets will not stain.