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Spare parts for car maintenance or consumables

Each car has such parts, which are popularly referred to as “consumables” or “spare parts for maintenance – maintenance.” These are spare parts, the resource of which is limited by the regulations or certain indicators, reaching which it is necessary to make a replacement. Filters and fluids – this is the time limit. As a rule, in modern cars it is 10-20 thousand km. Although there are times when some filters recommend changing even earlier.

As for liquids, there is also a clear framework here when it is necessary to carry out replacement procedures. Engine oil is usually changed along with the oil filter – 10–20 thousand km or once a year, whichever comes first. Coolant also requires replacement, for some, it may seem like an extra procedure. But still, if you want to keep the car’s cooling system clean and in order, you should not neglect the routine procedure. Usually, the coolant needs to be completely replaced every three years. Brake fluid is a separate topic, we will touch it in more detail in another material, it’s just worth saying that it must be changed every two years, while pumping the brake system, removing air from the system.

Oils and fluids in gearboxes also require a more detailed response. For example, the oil in the automatic machine with a torque converter, the so-called classic automatic machine, in many cars requires the obligatory full replacement of every 60 thousand km.

In addition to the above mentioned filters and fluids, brake pads and discs also belong to consumables. Regulations on the replacement period, they usually do not have, they change the degree of wear. Pads should be changed at the price of their abrasion, when the brake lining remains 3-4 mm – it’s time to buy new pads.

In some cars there are special indicators in the braking system, indicating that the time has come to change the pads. Happen as light – an icon is displayed on the instrument panel, and sound indicators.

In any case, if you want your car to work without failures, you must strictly follow all the necessary replacement periods for consumables and visit the service regularly, at least once a year.

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